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Trying to do it all on your own?

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to handle all of the tedious, everyday duties that need attention and still have time for the important stuff – the stuff you really want to do. Has your business become an all-consuming entity with a life of its own and left you with no life of your own?

Calculate your work-life balance.

Life Liberty VA believes in a healthy balance between work and life. When your personal and business life are not consciously kept in harmony, work will inevitably shift its way back to the top of your priority pile again and again. How do you know if your life is out of balance?

  • Fatigue – Is it tough to get of bed? Find you’re making a lot of mistakes throughout the day?
  • Elevated Stress – Is your workload officially totally out of hand?
  • Increased Relational Conflicts – Are important relationships being deprived of much needed time and attention?
  • Feelings of Being Overwhelmed – Does the thought of everything you have to do create such a buzz in your head that you can’t even focus on the task at hand?
  • Overactive Emotions – Are you impatient, short-tempered or emotional?

Restore your balance!

Simple things that can easily be accomplished by an outside party can take up most of a small business owner’s day. Or they may even get neglected altogether. Imagine having an assistant who could handle that laundry list of items that’s been keeping you from getting to the stuff you really enjoy. What would it be like at the end of the day (oh, just to have an end to your day!), to close your laptop early and go attend to your personal life?

What can I do for you?

Today’s VA is current in the latest software and online tools, fully equipped to jump right into whatever project, task or application that needs addressing. VA’s are a cost-effective way to meet your expanding business needs, because tasks are contracted on a per-project basis and the choice to increase a VA’s responsibility can be determined as your trust is established. Life Liberty VA offers a wide range of services to assist you.

Why Life Liberty VA?

Because I can help! Life Liberty VA is here to assist you in regaining and maintaining your work-life balance, assisting you with all of your online small business needs, and increasing your business and personal productivity. Contact me to schedule an interview.

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What clients think of my work…


Jeanne is one of the best VA’s I have had the pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and ability to see what steps need to be taken to see a project to fruition are just some of her great qualities. She is a gem! Terri Alamo, Owner TLC for Coaches

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